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Win or a little bit of history

Win or a little bit of history
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If you want to participate in the lottery or to trace the history of winnings for the entire existence of the lottery in America watch Mega millions lottery past results at LotteryPros.com. It offers incredible, and most importantly, interesting lottery.

Lottery as a type of gambling appeared long time ago – so long that it’s hard to say exactly when. Scientists believe that the similarity of the lottery existed in ancient States. Historical sources suggest the possibility that the construction of the great wall in China was partially financed via lotteries, and the Emperor Augustus initiated the sale of lotteries, to raise money for the repair of Rome.

And in the second half of the 15th century, the lottery has definitely been in the course: confirmed documents show that lottery tickets in Belgium and Holland were used to help the poor people, financing of construction projects and other things. And the name of the game has Dutch roots, because the word “lot” in Dutch means “destiny”, “fate”.

For five centuries European monarchs had been gladly using the lottery revenue funds for the construction of public buildings, port facilities, canals, chapels and museums. In Genoa in the fifteenth century the lottery draw for the fair election of the candidate was used in the final phase of elections to bodies of local self-government.

A century later, in France, a lottery wheel was established everywhere and firstly started to play cash prizes in Florence. Some of the established in those days, national lotteries are held on a regular basis this day.

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