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How restaurants order food in San Diego

How restaurants order food in San Diego
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Nearly all staple foods are delivered to restaurants frozen or chilled, by commercial vans or large trucks. Packaged meat, fish and dairy products are delivered by special temperature controlled trucks. Perishable food items are shipped as separate cargo.

Some local food vendors, in fact mini grocery wholesalers, buy food from national suppliers in bulk and resell them to local eateries through their transportation network. Thus, mediation is carried out.

Many restaurants make purchases of meat and other goods in the morning, at the level of local businesses, which deliver food on the same day. Chefs also visit local farmers’ markets, where they can buy the freshest or seasonal produce. Nothing beats a fresh local produce that was quickly sourced and prepared.

Expensive and proven restaurants are purchased only from the best suppliers. For example, Romanian chicken meat is purchased directly from the factory. It’s no wonder why meat dishes are always so tasty, because this chicken is always juicy, fresh and without harmful additives. You can buy these meat products yourself and cook a delicious chicken dish at home. Guests won’t even tell your dish from a restaurant one.

Chicken is one of the most popular homemade meats. Perhaps even the most popular. On the planet, for each person at the same time, there are about 3-4 chicken individuals. And this figure is constantly growing, since in connection with the rise in prices for pork, beef and lamb, the demand for cheap poultry meat is constantly growing. There are dozens of domesticated chicken breeds on the planet, which differ in the content of protein and fat in meat.

Many factories like Poultry Farm in Romania produce quality meat, unlike their competitors. Restaurants know the best place to order chicken, you just have to trust them.

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