Fact about Age and the life course

Facts about Age and the life course

The effect of time on a person determines his or her age. Age and the life course is a topic that concerns all people and which worries the majority of them. Nowadays it is interesting not only for individuals, but for the whole society. Ageing of the population is one of the most significant changes today. Changing life course patterns have influenced many spheres of our life, includng health, retirement and pension income, family structure, and a person’s participation in society life.


  • Any film project is the result of a team. Directors, and especially actors, know everything. Nevertheless, the scriptwriters remain behind the scenes in the literal and figurative sense. Everyone has different paths to the profession. Someone knows what he needs from school, while others go along winding roads. It may seem to some people that writing scripts is easy. The work of the screenwriter is fanned by a flair of romanticism, which prevents the layman from seeing hard work and constant work on himself, according to Film Ally. Continuous generation of ideas must be combined with strong nerves in this profession.

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